What are you looking for in a riding club?

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If any of the following are on your list, we’re the club for you.

  • Meet other cyclists who road, mountain bike, or adventure ride.
  • Become more confident riding on urban and rural roads.
  • Build your cycling skills.

Join the WWCycling Club TODAY!

We are sponsored by Wisconsin Women Cycling, whose mission is helping girls and women set and achieve obtainable goals in an environment where one will not be judged.

We are not a racing club, though some of us do like to ride, what we consider, fast. If you’re interested in racing, we can recommend clubs that do an excellent job at that sort of thing.

You don’t have to be a cyclist to belong to our Club, but it’s fun to bike! And though we are a co-ed club, you need only the passion to inspire girls and women to realize their potential.

We host the annual Tour de Belle Vine – Bike Tour & Wine Tasting but mostly we organize group rides. INSERT CALENDAR LINK

WWCycling Club members find fun in making healthy choices and helping others do the same. If that sounds like you, Join Us!


WWCycling Club’s mission is to inspire Girls and Women to make healthy choices, on and off the bike. Because we are dedicated to growing the sport of women cycling and empowering women along the way, we organize and participate in events and activities that promote health and fitness, education, philanthropy and building community.

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Join the WWCycling Club TODAY!

It’s not always about biking. Though healthy activities and positive role models are important, it’s about the self-esteem achieved when a girl or woman realizes she can do it.

We’ve partnered with groups like Be3, the Ozaukee Bike Club (OBC)Bike Ozaukee, Tour d’ Friends , Wisconsin Bike Fed,  League of American Bicyclists and CyclingSavvy  to round the needs of our members and develop cycling and leadership skills. Click here for more on leadership training.

We hold training clinics and group rides for females 16 years and older, and skills training for youth, regardless of skill level. Our activities are designed for girls and women to meet other cyclists, gain skills and confidence, work toward a cycling goal or just for fun and adventure. 

In all, we aim to educate on the benefits of cycling and inspire girls and women to make healthy choices, on and off their bike.

WWCycling Club provides members with what they need to get riding and to keep riding. We do this through our programs, education, and support.

  • We organize and lead guided bicycle rides to give you the opportunity to meet other riders and experience new cycling adventures. 
  • We host and volunteer at the youth cycling program Kids Gearing Up.
  • We create and teach educational workshops where you learn how to ride a bicycle, maintain your equipment, navigate country roads & city streets, and teach you ways to incorporate cycling into your lifestyle.
  • We follow up with you to ensure you’re having positive experiences.
  • At times, we offer one-on-one consultations to help you find solutions that best fit your cycling style and budget. These services are free of charge and may include helping you select a bicycle to purchase, repair shop information, finding products and services to meet your needs, or demonstrating how to ride safely and confidently.
  • In addition, we are involved in some grassroots and community initiatives, including educating on the benefits of cycling. 
  • We’ve been known to volunteer at or fundraise for causes important to our members, and we always promote local businesses and community agencies.


NOTE: All riders must bring a water bottle, flat-pack, lights, a fitted & tuned bike and any gear you’ll need to be comfortable. All rider must wear a properly fitted helmet and obey the rules of the road.

Held in the Spring & Summer, adult cyclists can participate in safe cycling clinics, building skills you can share with yourGroup, Club and Community. Included is the art of leading, or sweeping, a group ride.  Check our schedule for upcoming clinics.


If you or someone you know is interested in riding with other women or to get in training, outdoor group rides begin in the spring. As for winter/off-season training, indoor training usually starts in late October or early November. Click here for details.


Social            The pace & route is dictated by those interested. These are destination, no-drop group rides on urban trails or bike-friendly roadways.

Beginner          <7    mph, no-drop group ride (sometimes 1-on-1). Unstructured, slow-roll on urban trails or bike-friendly roadways.

Casual               8-13 mph, no-drop group ride learning group-riding skills.

Intermediate      12-15 mph, no-drop on moderate to hilly roads learning or honing group-riding skills.

Brisk                  14-20 mph, no-drop ride over a 15-30 mile route.  Paceline and drafting are practice and the terrain is moderate to hilly.

Advanced           20+ mph average with regrouping over a 20-40 mile route. Paceline and drafting are practiced on terrain of moderate to very hilly roadways.

Click this link for detail about WWCycling Club GROUP RIDES